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Transforming Brands

Aura as a community stands for channelizing your Energy into strategic possibilities. As a Branding and Marketing Solution Provider we aim to cater target products and services towards their target audience by deploying new tools and amenities as we call the Aurismatic way. With interconnected networks via industry and audience we connect people with what they require, with marketing strategies, scaling up measures and sales traction via physical and social platforms to induct and create your vibe into the masses. So if you'd like to be the next big thing in the community, why wait, let's spread the Aura outwards to open up possibilities.

What We Do

There’s no formula for success. No matter the company size, every company is unique and requires round-the-clock attention from industry-experts to deliver content that will connect them to their audience — that’s where we come in.

Branding & Marketing Solution

The first thing that defines something in this fast paced world indulging in quality is brand. Now how to be one? Well with us , connecting to intricate source of virtual to real life inter connects and market boosting strategization personalized to the services or products you take, Aura believes in creating a vibe that flows when people would hear your name.

Talent Harnessing

Aura is a community of energetic and enthusiastic people who love to dream and even better work towards making it a reality. Thus identification of one's true calling us need , thus with our unique on-ground and virtual talent harnessing mechanisms we try to bring out the best in you in front of a larger scale. Thus increasing visibility and this in turn opening up doors to new opportunities say it be live events to exclusive contracts. From talent recognition to grooming to implementation in various diverse domain , Aura tries to inculcate it all for an overall experience.

Growth Acceleration

Sales is one of the most vital aspect important for growth and sustainability .But the most difficult part being, understanding the target audience for conversion of a potential customer . Aura with it's dedicated resources and strategies keenly look into the sales growth .So if you'd like to make a difference, then you need to start thinking of spreading your energy into the future with AURA.


Going Over Plans


Be it a product or service connecting appropriately with target audience is the key for brand building and for reaching out to the community physical interaction is the best way . Aura with its web of harnessing platforms throughout different college campuses, cafe chains and in daily activities initiate a process of vibe flow throughout the community to feel for your service rather than just promoting .


Aura helped me a lot to understand what I'm actually good at, nurtured my talent and also gave me a platform to present myself , it's been a wonderful diverse community consisting of creative and enthusiastic people .

RAAJBIR BAJPAIE - Student(Netaji Subhash Engineering College)


Looking Back at our Journey

Innovators In You

Innovators In You is a maiden campus event where we as community search for budding talent across the country in different campuses where AURA as a talent harnessing platform identify talents and incubates it channelizing them and adding a value to the creativity.

Ongoing & Upcoming Events

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    What is The BandWagon ? The Bandwagon - Creativity across Continents As the name suggests The Bandwagon is going to be a one of a kind Journey infusing creators to embark on an adventure to different places.

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AURA Premium Membership

AURA Premium Membership

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