An Aurasmatic Bite - Blue Mug, Jodhpur Park, Kolkata

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Blue Mug - Coffee and Thoughts, Jodhpur Park.

Thinking of talking your girlfriend out for a dinner? Can't decide where to hangout with friends for a brunch? Tired of the high- class over the budget restaurants? Searching for a funky yet classy café?

The Solution is here in this post.

BLUE MUG CAFÉ is here to resolve all your problems. It is yet another beautifully decorated café in the city situated in Jodhpur Park, which a 5- min walking distance from South City Mall.

The café has two sides, one the inside corner which is air conditioned, nicely decorated with some retro showpieces. The outdoor seating of this café lets you enjoy the greenery and cool air in the evenings. There's a swing table which remains on the prime attractions who loved to get clicked and you can rarely find it vacant. (🤭) The interiors have a good ambiance as well. You can play the guitar or the piano if you know how.

Ambience - 4/5

The food is pretty good as well. Since its a café you will mostly find salads,sandwiches, pizzas, burgers, sizzlers and they taste moderately well. A Special mention for the chicken lasagna.

You will need little special skills to read their books though!!(😅) If you like hot beverages, there’s a range of exotic tea and coffee. There are smoothies and shakes which are eternal favorites including oreo shakes, chocolate smoothies. and above all are their mocktails which is why i visit there quite often. They are all amazing. Virgin mohito, pinnacolada, blue lagoon, Sunshine Daquiri to mention a few.

Food - 4/5

Location: Jodhpur Park

Cost for two: Rs.500/- (approx.)

Therefore put this into your bucket list if you are a café explorer and for others also, It is definitely one café you don't want to miss once you are near South City Mall. Also, your travelling for this café will be worth it, I assure.

Happy Dining!