An Aurasmatic Bite – Wise Owl, Kolkata

Want to make wise decisions in choosing a place to eat?

Wise owl it is.

If you really are looking for a beautiful rooftop to propose to your love and want a calm, social and romantic atmosphere at night, Wise Owl is the place. Not only known for its offbeat recipes and dishes that are both lip-smacking and affordable, there is no better place than this wonderland.

Located at 6O6/2B Purnadas Road Hindustan Park, Kolkata 700029, The café is comprised in two part, one at the rooftop beautifully furnished with wooden furniture and a huge canopy covering the top of the roof with twinkle lights shining down to not only give the place an aesthetic look, but bring out the inner joy in individuals.

It is a place you can definitely go out with your friends to have a peaceful fun hang out or maybe try some new innovative cuisines.

The place is also extended on the ground floor with accommodation to enjoy outdoor style sense of dining.

The ambience is more of a chill and calm night you would want to spend with your friends, colleagues and loved ones. It is also quite a good place to have informal office meetings or after office dinners.

The staff in not only friendly but also helps you decide the best dish for you. The service in efficient and fast.


If you are an innovator and would like to experiment with your taste buds, Wise owl is the way to do it. With leaving the customers always with a need to come back for more of their food, Wise Owl has a tremendous list of cuisine to choose from. Whether you taste their Chicken Aristo, or the prawn croquettes you can never stop at just one plate of it. And to cool it down with a Iced Hazelnut Latte. The best seller can be with no doubt is the Tender line Steak, which as described by the customers, is eating pieces of heaven.

Also, you should never want to miss the Mushroom Maggi while you are there.


After hearing all this you must be wondering this place does sound poise. Well it is, but with keeping your pockets in mind. All this food plus the beautiful ambience comes pocket friendly rates.

1000 for two (approx.).

So in all in all, Wise Owl is the must visit place for all those people who want to try new food, unique cuisines, which is budget friendly, with an ambience that would make your good day, a great one.

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